We got tired of watching the same old wedding films, jam packed with cheesy effects and unnatural staged moments. So we began creating films that were different. Films that couples would actually want to watch over and over again.

We began creating art.

Founded by award-winning filmmaker Joseph Minasi, Joseph Minasi Weddings take a modern, organic and cinematic approach to wedding cinematography in New York and beyond. Watch just one of our films and see why our cinematic wedding videography is so different from others.

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Our style tends to fall a little more on the cinematic side, but as you will see while watching our films, we can pull off just about anything.

The bottom line is that it's all about pulling emotions out of the viewer, transporting them back to the wedding day and letting them feel each moment again. You'll feel the high energy of the reception and then a moment later you'll feel the warmth and trust of a beautifully spoken vow.

It is up to you how you would like your film presented - cinematic, documentary, heavy on speeches, love notes - the list goes on. Talk to us and we'll go over every detail imaginable to create the perfect film just for you.



There are many wedding cinematography companies out there that only focus on looks. But it's more than that. A great wedding film makes you feel.

You're getting the best with us - the aesthetics and the emotion. We pledge that we won't take over and run your wedding day. Your wedding day is about YOU, not us. We aren't going to stage and restage every moment. We capture your day in an unobtrusive, natural way to make your wedding movie the most realistic documentation possible.

We want you to relive your wedding the way it really was - not the way we think it should be.​




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Having gone through the intensive film program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Joseph has been bringing his creative touch to the wedding industry for years! After working with A-list clients and top-rated vendors, Joseph Minasi Studios is the go-to cinematography company!